About The Owner



   Jazmine Willis (23) was born and raised in Houston Texas to Lakeeta Hammond and Marcus Willis on May 13th. Sassy, creative and talented are only a few of the many adjectives that could be used to describe myself as a young girl.  Youngest of my mother’s children and oldest of my father’s children it was always expected I get some form of special treatment. Always having an interest in makeup, jewelry and fashion I would abduct my eldest sister’s belongings that I admired.  This is when I began to practice, utilizing her products since she was a mobile MUA with a wide variety of makeup. With a mother so strict this was a hobby & talent I had to sneak to partake in at a young age. After graduating Alvin High School, I decided to further my education debating should it be within the cosmetology field or technology engineering field. Although I resulted in the choice of technology engineering the fact still remained that I had a passion for makeup. Practicing different looks in the mirror, following countless YouTube tutorials and attempting to perfect a craft on myself and others was an ongoing task. I fell in love more and more each time after seeing a completed look and that is when I knew that I was destined for great things in the cosmetology field. Early on in summer of 2017 while distant from school and employment I begin to brain storm the idea of “owning my own business”.  I pondered on what it could be for quite some time, making sure it would be something that I would forever be dedicated too. Makeup is one of the many things I have an enduring passion for. Being mindful that I didn’t have the experience on applying makeup on others I had no interest in being an MUA. However, I still wanted to be in the field because of the love I had for the true art that lies in makeup. After weeks of sleepless nights and early mornings of doing research my decision was made to be able to provide high quality makeup, accessories and brushes to others at a reasonable price. Soon after I began to build MY BRAND B.E.A.T COSMETICS